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A Change is Coming…How to Manage and Make Employment Changes in a COVID-19 World

Date Delivered: February 24, 2021

Topic: How to Manage and Make Employment Changes in a COVID-19 World

As the pandemic continues, many businesses continue to struggle, particularly in light of continued operating restrictions imposed by many provincial governments. Accordingly, businesses continue to re-assess their personnel needs, including the need to make changes to terms and conditions of employment such as location of work, hours of work, wages, functions/duties, and benefits.

However, employers need to be aware that changing terms and conditions of employment may give rise to potentially adverse legal consequences for the organization, not to mention implications for overall employee morale.

This presentation will focus on the following:

  • How certain changes may amount to a claim of constructive dismissal
  • How best to make changes to employment to minimize constructive dismissal claims
  • How an employment agreement may help in making changes to employment
  • How best to implement changes to employment from a human resources perspective

A copy of the presentation and recording can be found on your Member Portal.

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