ONTARIO : WSIB Financial Relief Package

As part of the Ontario Government’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 crisis, the government announced March 26, 2020 it is permitting employers to defer premium payments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for 6 months.

All employers covered by the WSIB’s workplace insurance are automatically eligible for this deferral of payments (as well as reporting) until August 31, 2020. In other words, there is no application process. Employees will continue to be covered.

The following payments are eligible for deferral:

  • Monthly: March 31, April 30, May 31, June 30, July 31, August 31
  • Quarterly: April 30, July 31

Note employer reports and payments apply to the previous full month or quarter, i.e. March 31 reporting and payment obligation covers the period of February 1-29.

In addition, no interest will accrue on outstanding premium payments and no penalties will be charged during this 6 month deferral period.


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