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Are We Sure We’re Right? Common Employment Law Misconceptions

Date Delivered: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Topic: Are We Sure We’re Right? Common Employment Law Misconceptions

We have all heard them before – those pesky employment law misconceptions that seem to permeate the workplace. These misconceptions form the foundation for frequent questions such as:

  • Are contracts signed on an employee’s first day enforceable?
  • Are salaried employees exempt from overtime pay?
  • Are probationary employees entitled to notice of termination?
  • What happens if someone resigns in the ‘heat of the moment’?
  • Can employees who are pregnant or on maternity leave be dismissed?

Some misconceptions are laughable; however, some misconceptions sometimes make more sense than the reality. As a result, these misconceptions can have some costly consequences for employers.

This e-Learning session explores some common employment law myths relating to overtime, vacation, resignation, termination, along with other topics in the hopes of finally setting the record straight.

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