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Legal Pitfalls in Recruitment

Date Delivered: October 25, 2017

Topic: Legal Pitfalls in Recruitment

Did you know that a Facebook search of an employment candidate can give rise to possible legal liabilities?  Were you aware that verbal statements made in an effort to entice a prospective employee can create a legal headache down the road?  Do you truly know about the hidden legal consequences that may arise throughout the recruitment process?  By neglecting to recognize and understand these legal pitfalls, you can inadvertently expose your organization to legal liability.

The recruitment process involves various stages, all of which have legal aspects which must be given consideration.  This e-Learning aims to shed light on some of these legal considerations, paying particular attention to the selection process, the interview process, reference checks, the verbal offer as well as the formal offer.  Issues such as social media background checks, human rights considerations, privacy, and the enforceability of verbal and written contracts will be discussed.

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