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Remembrance Day

November 7, 2019

This year Remembrance Day, November 11, falls on a regular working day for most employees.  While many view Remembrance Day as a day honoured across the country, uncertainty often exists regarding which jurisdictions specify Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday and which do not.

In fact, all jurisdictions in Canada (including the Federal jurisdiction) designate Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday, with the exception of Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

While Remembrance Day is a regular working day in Ontario and Quebec, there are important nuances in Nova Scotia and Manitoba:

Nova Scotia: Remembrance Day is not a general paid holiday under the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code, but it has its own legislation, the Remembrance Day Act, which prohibits many businesses from operating on November 11 and contains rules about holiday pay for employees who work on that day. An employee in Nova Scotia who works on Remembrance Day and who has worked at least 15 out of the 30 days immediately before Remembrance Day may be entitled to receive another day off with pay.  Employees who do not work on November 11 do not get paid for the day unless the employer offers pay as an added benefit.

Manitoba: Although Remembrance Day is not a general holiday under the Manitoba Employment Standards Act it is governed by the Remembrance Day Act and there are restrictions for operating businesses and special requirements for paying employees who work that day. Employees who do not work on Remembrance Day are not required to be paid. Employees who do work on Remembrance Day are to be paid at least half of a normal work day at 1 ½ times their regular wages. Employees who work more than half their normal hours on Remembrance Day are paid 1 ½ times their regular wage for all hours worked.  In addition, employees also receive a regular day’s pay for working on Remembrance Day, or 5% of their gross earnings in the 28 days before Remembrance Day if their hours vary.

If you have any questions regarding the observance of Remembrance Day in your jurisdiction, please contact e2r® to speak with an Advisor.

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