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Social Media In the Workplace

Date Delivered: September 25, 2019

Topic: Social Media in the Workplace

Did you know that approximately 22.7 million Canadians have a social media account? It is no wonder that employers are increasingly required to address social media use in the workplace, whether it is being used by the Company as a recruitment tool to attract and retain talent or as a public platform for a disgruntled employee to voice his/her displeasure.

While there certainly are some positives to the use of social media in the workplace, there are also negatives that employers should do their best to avoid. In this e-Learning, we review the current landscape for the use of social media in the workplace including addressing issues related to ownership of accounts, recruitment, and productivity. We will also review recent case law in which employers have relied on employee misconduct on social media to terminate employment and other issues. Finally, we discuss best practices, including the development and implementation of a social media policy, to assist employers in minimizing damage that can be caused by the use of social media.

This presentation is a must for all employers operating in our world of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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