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The Changing Landscape of Work: Telecommuting

Date Delivered: February 4, 2020

Topic: Telecommuting/Remote Working

Did you know that approximately forty-seven percent (47%) of Canadian employees work from outside one of their employer’s main offices for half the week or more? According to one study, sixty-two percent (62%) of Canadian employers offer their employees the option to work remotely. These numbers are similarly reflected in the United States and globally. As technology continues to make it easier for employees to connect remotely and telecommuting becomes more normalized, these numbers are likely going to increase over time. However, many employers don’t have a telecommuting policy in place and lack a clear understanding of the many issues remote work can create for the workplace.

In this e-Learning, we review how telecommuting is changing the landscape of work. We also review telecommuting best practices and recent case law to understand the intersection between telecommuting and human rights, constructive dismissal, and other issues unique to remote work.

This presentation is a must for all employers navigating today’s quickly changing workplace landscape.

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